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  • Chilaquiles are often served as a breakfast dish, but is hearty and filling enough for dinner. Poached chicken simmers in a roasted tomatillo sauce, then toasted tortilla wedges are folded in. Serve on a blanket of black bean purée with lots of toppings, like avocado, sour cream, cotija cheese and cilantro leaves.
    45 min, plus soak

  • Shepard’s pies are awesome. Jamaican curry patties are awesome. Why not mix ‘em? A little curry kick in the potatoes, and some thyme and heat in the filling mix of this cottage pie is all-Brit, no matter which way you spin it.
    1 hour

  • Salade Niçoise (pronounced nee-suaz) is probably is the most famous French salad. It is a composed salad that includes tuna, green beans, softened small potatoes, Niçoise olives and hard-boiled eggs. We thought such a classic recipe should come from a classic chef: Julia Child.
    30 min

  • This quiche is a fabulous platform for any exotic mushrooms that might still be around this time of year. This simple recipe for quiches bake in muffin tins so they are done much more quickly than the usual version, and you don't need a special pan. (Yes, that is a real homemade crust. You will get that.)
    45 min

  • This vegetarian shepard's pie is high on healthy while being long on flavor. Split lentils make the backdrop for carrots, peas that are kicked up a notch with Jamaican seasoning. Baked topped with creamy potatoes, this is a great make-ahead dinner.
    1 hour

  • Yotem Ottolenghi is the master of vegetarian dishes, and this pasta with pea purée and yogurt sauce is no exception. This dish is full of fresh bright flavors from peas, basil, feta and chile peppers. The pasta will fill you up, but the deliciousness will leave you hungry for more.
    30 min