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Delivery Policy

Homegrown Foods does not use planes and trains. Boxes are assembled in the Twin Cities area and driven to your door. All deliveries for Homegrown Foods will be made on Wednesdays before 5:00 pm CST. Freshness is guaranteed up to 9pm. So no worries about rushing home to meet your container. Please check the schedule on your My Home page for your next delivery date.

Perishable Items

Highly perishable items (meat, seafood, liquid dairy products, etc.) will be packed in a thermal foam container with ice packs, maintaining a temperature of 41° F or less until 9pm. Remaining groceries will be delivered in a thermal-lined reusable grocery bag.

Recycling Your Containers

In the spirit of conservation, we encourage you to leave your cooler and reusable bags out prior to your next delivery so we can pick them up. The plastic lining for the containers may be discarded (although they may serve well as garbage bags).


Deliveries will not be made on the day on or before major holidays. Customers will be notified via email of such schedule changes.

Homegrown Foods will make every effort to place deliveries in areas where they will be protected from the elements. We encourage you to leave us special instructions (entryway codes, neighbor’s addresses, instructions to leave the delivery at the side door, etc.) that will help protect your delivery from weather exposure and potential theft.

In the event of bad weather, Homegrown Foods reserves the right to modify the delivery schedule. Customers will be notified via email of such changes.