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Aleks Till with her kids Eli, Ike, and Greta
Welcome to the blog for Homegrown Foods, a business from mom and lifelong cook Aleks Till. Being inspired and cooking from scratch is our way of life. How else would we know all the best recipes for our menu and find the best ingredients for your grocery delivery. Enjoy!

Crunchy Baked French Fries

The quest for crunchy baked french fries ends here! Making fries at home should be something enjoyed regularly. Sadly, most online versions disappoint. Say good-bye to limp, floppy potatoes. Say hello to fries that have a longer table-life than the standard drive-through dash. The secret to these fries is a quick boil in a baking […]


Vegetable Garbage Bread

There is something about food being called “garbage” that piques one’s curiosity. Well, it’s quite simple. Garbage bread is like a pizza burrito. Fill it with whatever you’d like, roll it up, then bake or grill it for a SUPER family-friendly dinner. Slice in half, dip in marinara or pesto and enjoy! Vegetable Garbage Bread […]

Gooseberry Salad

Latin-Twist Summer Salad with Gooseberries

OK, let’s get one thing straight, I have no idea what to call this salad. For me, dishes with cumin, lime and avocados just make me think of Ecuador or Argentina. The point is that the flavors play really nice with the gooseberries. The greens could be anything, literally — but a pinch of cumin […]

More! My turn! More!

Indian-Spiced Parsnip Soup with Apples and Coconut Milk

One of the side effects of owning a food business is bringing home loads of excess ingredients, like five pounds of delicious, organic parsnips from Driftless Organics, and extra spice mixes from Indian dinners. One cannot waste these things! I set about to turn it into a soup and thought it was really yummy. But […]


No-Mayo Creamy Potato Salad

I love mayonnaise on my sandwiches, but I always shy away from putting heaps of it in salads. This is a no-mayo potato salad recipe, leveraging hard-boiled eggs and olive oil as a mayo replacement. Picnic-style potato salad (aka best served cold) can be prone to dryness, so sour cream is added for creaminess, though […]

Yes, actually, turning the food into a smiley face works sometimes!

Getting Kids into the Clean Plate Club

For a little more than a year, my family has hardly eaten a dinner that wasn’t for a reason: recipe testing, retesting, testing a different cook method, finding a replacement meal for the one I originally planned, needing a photo of a dinner, needing to use up remnant ingredients, etc. I gotta say, my kids […]

Winter Kale Salad

Fabulous Winter Kale Salad

Now that I’m in the food business, I realize that many a’chef-recipe likely arises from trying to use up remnant ingredients. Such is the case with this salad. I had a small container of puréed pepitas in the fridge since the fall and I wanted my shelf space back. Even though making the pepita purée […]

Vanilla Sugar Cookies

Triple Vanilla Sugar Cookies

‘Tis the holiday season and everyone who plans on making Christmas cookies (including me) is searching for cookie recipes that will impress. Sometimes it’s about putting a twist on a good thing, and sometimes it’s just about making a good thing better. You know, like amping up the special. This recipe is not necessarily a […]