You got questions? We got answers. Please click below for FAQs you may be curious to know. If you don’t see your question, feel free to email us at info@eatgoodathome.com.

Where do you source the ingredients?

Ingredients are nearly always organic, and local whenever possible. We ♡ purveyors who put love into their products. Each week, we send out a delivery email with more information detailing specifically which farms or regions ingredients come from. Our yearly menu is meticulously planned to take advantage of Minnesota’s short growing season, so we can source from the farmer’s markets during the summer.

Can we request substitutions?

In order to offer the best prices to you, we must have efficient processes for packing orders and thus we are unable to accommodate substitutions. However, from your My Home area, you can use our advanced menu filtering tool to accommodate dietary requirements. Please note, all recipes containing allergen foods (nuts or shellfish, for example) will have those foods packaged separately so they are not in contact with other foods.

Where do your recipes come from?

We believe the best recipes are the dog-eared ones — recipes that get passed around and saved in binders. From incredible chefs to family secrets to authentic traditional, we source recipes to bring an array of novel and classic dishes that aim to make you say, “Holy mackerel, that was good!”

Will my kids like the recipes?

All the recipes are family-tested — if the work isn’t worth the effort or the kids hate it, it doesn’t make the menu. That said, kids don’t have ALL the say. If the recipe can be modified slightly for kids (i.e. they will eat components of the dish as long as it isn’t mixed together), or the kids are crazy not to like it, it makes the cut.

Is every single ingredient provided in the bag?

Almost. Most recipes require basic things like oil, butter, flour, salt and pepper, which you will need to have in your pantry. Some may require perishable items like milk or eggs. Pantry requirements are listed with each dinner, as well as any basic equipment (foil, roasting pan, etc.) See the full list of pantry items and equipment you will need.

How much food is in each meal kit?

In my house, when we had two adults and three small children: 4-serving recipes were enough for everyone to have dinner and one person to get leftovers for lunch; 2-serving was enough to feed our family, with an adult picking clean the food left on the kids’ plates. Most recipes follow general nutritional guidelines of about 3–6 ounces of protein per serving, with an average of 450–600 calories per person per meal.

How long do the kits last?

Prep instructions come with each delivery and outline which meals should be cooked first and which can go in the freezer if you aren’t able to get to all of them in within 7-10 days.

Can I pick which meals I want?

Of course! At Homegrown Foods, we think food is personal. You can select any dinners you’d like each week with no blackouts.

How do I set my schedule?

After making your first order, you have complete control over your schedule in your account area. Easily switch delivery frequency from your My Preferences page, and turn weeks on or off from your My Menus page. Wednesday is the only delivery day. You can always email us to verify that you are scheduled for deliveries when you want them.

Do you have a vegan option?

While we offer six vegetarian options per week, we do not have a vegan menu. That said, vegan dinners are on the menu from time to time.

What is the minimum order, or minimum contract?

There are no obligations with a Homegrown Foods subscription. Cancel or suspend whenever you’d like. We even offer an “Occasional” option for your subscription  — it is the same as the subscription, except you won’t automatically be enrolled in recurring deliveries and you can select service at your leisure. We require a minimum of six servings per delivery.

Do I have to have a subscription?

A subscription at Homegrown Foods is more like a membership, where you can schedule orders as often or as little as you would like. You can override default frequency settings at any time using your calendar tool on the My Menus page in your account area.

How do I suspend or cancel my service?

Making changes to your subscription is easy. You can either switch your subscription frequency to “Occasionally” on your My Preferences page in your account area, or click on the “Cancel” or “Suspend” buttons from your My Subscriptions tab. Please note, if you have an order processing, you must cancel that order separately from your My Menus page. Cut-off for changes is the Sunday before delivery.

Can I change my subscription preferences?

No problem. You can switch your subscription any time to order more or less dinners and/or servings from your My Preferences page in the My Home area.

How can I gift a delivery?

Gift certificates can be purchased from our Gifts page. Recipients enter the code during checkout to apply the credit to their order. If you would like to gift a delivery without the recipient needing to order themselves, simply checkout with their information in the shipping areas.

Is there a delivery charge?

Delivery is already included in our pricing.

Where do you deliver?

The greater Twin Cities metro area. Here is a map of our delivery area.

When do you deliver?

Every Wednesday before 5pm. Typically, deliveries arrive between 9am and 3pm.

Can I recycle the delivery materials?

If you set the thermal bag, liner, ice packs, and clean deli containers out before your next delivery, we will pick them up and sanitize for reuse.

Do I need to be home?

Nope! Groceries are specially packed to stay fresh until 9pm, so they can patiently wait for you until you get home. Please note that if we cannot access a secure area for delivery in apartment buildings, your order may be left outside. We will contact you right away if that happens.

What happens if something is missing from my box, or an ingredient is bad, or a squirrel gets into my order?

Please contact us so we can get a replacement out to you within 24 hours.

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