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You got questions? We got answers. Please click below for FAQs you may be curious to know. If you don’t see your question, feel free to email us at


Where do you source the ingredients?

Ingredients are nearly always organic, and local whenever possible. We purveyors who put love into their products.

Our poultry and meat providers include Everett’s Meats, Peterson Craftsman Meats, Red Table Meat Co., Clancey’s, Ferndale Market, Pasture’s a Plenty, and Kramarczuk’s.

Our seafood is sourced exclusively from The Fish Guys. We benefit from their partnerships with sustainable farmers and top-of-the-line seafood.

The majority of produce comes from the same supplier of the co-ops, the Co-op Partner’s Warehouse. We purchase local when available, otherwise most organic off-season products typically come in from California or Mexico. We also have partnerships with some small farms like Burning River Farm, Nistler Farms, Piney Hill Farm and Forest Mushrooms, and will purchase from local farms more frequently during Minnesota’s short peak-season.

Dairy is nearly always organic, and is always growth-hormone free. We use Rochdale Farms in our hand-made doughs using butter, as well as sourcing their cheddar and mozzarella. Many other cheese are sourced locally, if possible, or are imports from Italy, France, Greece, and Switzerland.

Pasta and flour is GMO-free, as we use King Arthur flour for our hand-made pizza crusts and fresh doughs, and pasta varieties imported from Italy and

Can we substitute ingredients?

In order to offer the best prices to you, we must have efficient processes for packing orders and thus we are unable to accommodate substitutions.

We have specific dietary requirements in our household…can we substitute ingredients?

See above question and answer. Please note, all recipes containing allergen foods (nuts or shellfish, for example) will have those foods packaged specially so they are not in contact with other foods.



Where do your recipes come from?

We believe the best recipes are the dog-eared ones — the kinds of recipes that get passed around and tucked away in binders. From incredible chefs to family secrets to authentic traditional, we source recipes to bring an array of novel and classic dishes that aim to make you say, “Holy cow, that was good.”

Will my kids like the recipes?

All the recipes are family-tested and family-approved. If the work isn’t worth the effort, or it’s just so-so, or the kids poo-poo the recipe, it doesn’t make the menu. That said, kids don’t have ALL the say. If the recipe can be modified slightly for kids (i.e. they will eat components of the dish as long as it isn’t mixed together), or they are clearly not of sound mind and are crazy not to like it, it makes the cut.

Please note, kid-friendly is more challenging in the vegetarian and seafood categories. The main-menu vegetarian strives to be friendly for the pickiest eaters, but extended vegetarian menu is a little more foodie (and can also be more work — prepping all those vegetables — so harder on the busy family).

For the seafood dishes, we do have some winner-winner recipes like Halibut Fish Sticks and Clam Chowder, but the overall the goal is to have at least two components on the plate that they will eat, since kids are typically sensitive to the smell of seafood (and thus reluctant to try it). Fish and seafood is a great protein, so I believe in introducing it to my kids so they get used to it on their plate.

Is every single ingredient provided in the bag?

Almost. Most recipes require basic things like oil, butter, flour, salt and pepper, which you will need to have in your pantry. Some may require perishable items like milk or eggs. An email notification will let you know at least a week in advance what ingredients you should have. You will also need some basic equipment, see the full list of pantry items and equipment you will need.



How much food is in each box?

In my house, we have two adults and three small children.  4-serving recipes are enough for everyone to have dinner and one person to get leftovers for lunch. The 2-serving is enough to feed the family, with an adult picking clean the food left on the kids’ plates.

For households who require more than four full-size portions, keeping lettuce, rice, pasta and bread on hand will hearten up the dinner table.

Prep instructions come with each delivery and outline which meals should be cooked first and which can go in the freezer if you aren’t able to get to all of them in within 7-10 days. Most recipes follow general nutritional guidelines of about 4–8 ounces of protein per serving, with an average of 600 calories per person per meal. Some recipes do make extra servings, however, which can usually be frozen. 

How do I pick which meals I want?

You can set your “default” dinner preferences from the Order page, but can select your dinners on the Checkout page, as well as your account area, after your order is processed.

How do I set my schedule?

After selecting your subscription from the Order page, select “Every Week”, “Every Other Week”, “Once Per Month”, or “Just Once” on the Checkout page. You also have complete control over your schedule in your account area. Wednesday is the only delivery day. You can always email us to verify that you are scheduled for deliveries when you want them.

Do you have a vegetarian option?

Yes! Each week, we offer three vegetarian dinners.

How does the gluten-free menu work?

For gluten-free customers, the menu and recipes stay the same. Just specify “Gluten-Free” on your order form. All wheat-based products will be substituted with a gluten-free version, from pizza crusts to soy sauce. There is an additional $2 or $4 charge per delivery, depending on whether you are ordering 2 or 4 servings. Please note, that some meat-free substitutes are made from vital wheat gluten, so it is not possible to be gluten-free on some vegetarian dishes.



What is the minimum order, or minimum contract?

We offer a trial box — it is the same as the subscription, except you won’t automatically be enrolled in renewing purchases.

We have a minimum of 3 dinners per delivery, and a minimum of 2 servings.

There are no obligations with a subscriptions. Cancel or suspend whenever you’d like.

How do I suspend or cancel my service?

Making changes to your subscription is easy. Just log in to your My Home page and click on the “Cancel” or “Suspend” buttons. Your bag will be disabled for an indefinite period from the date you have chosen, and you can easily turn it back on. If you instead want to cancel your subscription entirely, log in as usual and click on the Cancel icon. A window pops up with the text: “Are you sure you want to cancel your subscription?” Click OK. A confirmation will be sent to your email address. If your order has already processed, email or call us and we’ll manually process the cancellation. Cut-off for changes is the Sunday before delivery.

What if I want to order a different amount of food?

No problem. You can switch your subscription any time to order more or less dinners and/or servings from your My Home page.

Can I gift a delivery?

You may purchase gift certificates that may be applied to a trial or subscription order. Follow the links on the Gift Certificates page.

If you would like to gift a delivery without the recipient needing to order themselves, simply checkout with their information in the shipping areas.



Is there a delivery charge?

There are no additional delivery charges, it is included in the price.

Where do you deliver?

The greater Twin Cities metro area.
Here is a map of our delivery area.

When do you deliver?

Deliveries are made on Wednesdays, before 5:00 p.m. Usually, they will arrive between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m.

Can I recycle the delivery materials?

We reuse the delivery containers. If you set the thermal bag, foam cooler, and any ice packs out before your next delivery, we will pick them up.

Do I need to be home?

Nope! Groceries are specially packed to stay fresh until 9 p.m., so they can patiently wait for you until you get home. We will leave you with the insulated reusable grocery bags, foam coolers and ice packs, and we encourage you to recycle those with us before your next delivery by setting them out for us to pick up.If you would like us to deliver your order to a neighbor or in a place other than your front stoop, please provide that information on your profile. Please note that we will not leave deliveries in front of apartment buildings, you must provide us with a secure area for delivery.

What happens if something is missing from my box, or an ingredient is bad?

Please let us know at We will get a replacement out to you within 24 hours.

Do you deliver every week — can I order multiple trial boxes?

For subscribers, you can elect whether you get delivery every week, every-other week or once per month. These are just your default frequency settings. You can change them at any time, or email us to arrange a schedule.

Our trial boxes are purchases that don’t setg you up for regular deliveries. You can order those as many times as you’d like, using your calendar in your account area. Orders placed by Sunday set up a delivery for that Wednesday.

Please note, as a small business we close for several weeks of the year, including Spring Break, Summer End (2 weeks prior to Labor Day) and Holiday Break, the week between Christmas and New Year. Delivery is not available those weeks.