• This is just super delicious, and fun twist, on the everyday pizza. Chicken breast, is nestled on top of smoked gouda and mozzarella cheese, and topped with Triple Crown barbecue sauce, cilantro and red peppers.
    30 min

  • Slurp, slurp, silence, slurp. That is the sound of enjoyment … that is the sound you will hear when you eat this soup. Noodles swim in a mineral-rich beef broth, made from simmered bones, spiced with aromatic seasoning, tomatoes and cabbage.
    10 min, plus slow cook

  • With a simple salt and pepper pan-fry, Arctic Char — a close cousin to salmon — stands on its own for flavor and tenderness. A skillet shiitake and garbanzo bean side makes this dinner a comforting medley of down-to-earth flavors.
    30 min

  • One of the benefits of growing up in a Serbian family, is they fast for religious holidays like no one’s business. That means there are plenty of vegetarian preparations of dishes that will please a meat-loving crowd, like these walnut and brown rice stuffed peppers.
    1 hour 30 min

  • Get your tastebuds fired up! Mulligatawny is an all-star dish that's full of flavor, is easy to make, healthy (did someone say ginger, turmeric and garlic?), and a fave with the whole fam.
    15 min, plus slow cook

  • I went to college in New York, and buying a knish for lunch was a regular staple of my diet. These little bundles are pastry dough wrapped around seasoned potatoes. While topping with mustard and ketchup is enough, we top ours with grated cheddar and broccoli.
    1 hour