Turkey Chili

Cook Time: 20 min, plus slow cook
Do-Ahead  •  Kid-Approved  •  Slow Cooker  •  Dairy-Free (Friendly)

Trying to find the “World’s Best Chili Recipe” is a daunting task. One that, I am afraid, even I am not up for. Chilies considered as “the best” seem to involve smokers, chili spices from three different states, and wearing a 10-gallon hat. This chili has the best of worlds without being overwhelming: ground turkey, different blends of beans, peppers, and a solid blend of spices.


Ground Turkey
Stewed Tomatoes
Tomato Sauce
Chili Seasoning
Red Kidney Beans

Bell Pepper
Bell Pepper
Red Onion
Cheddar Cheese
Tortilla Chips