• This is a summertime classic at my parents house. Juicy Kadejan Farms chicken thighs, grilled to perfect, with a Serbian-style summer garden salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, onion and feta.
    45 min

  • This recipe comes from a colleague who makes the best food for the kitchen staff, and has his own catering company: Delfino's Catering. He is known for his birria tacos, slow-braised beef tacos that can be dipped in their glorious cooking sauce.
    45 min, plus slow cook

  • Thanks to the Sioux Chef, Sean Sherman, this is Homegrown Foods' first meal kit featuring wild native plants! A pesto of wild greens tops locally-grown grilled corn and sunflower-crusted lake trout.
    30 min

  • Homemade focaccia takes this simple sandwich over the top — fresh mozzarella, roasted red pepper, basil wedged between focaccia slices smeared with marinated bean spread.
    30 min, plus dough rise

  • Cumin-dusted potatoes and roasted poblano peppers nestle inside corn tortillas, served with black beans and a salad side that can be easily transformed into guacamole.
    30 min

  • Summer's bounty in a bowl: a ragout of seasonal vegetables, roasted and seasoned, cupped in a swirl of creamy turmeric-scented polenta.
    1 hour