Sunflower-Crusted Trout with Wild Greens Pesto

Cook Time: 30 min
450 cal, 25g fat, 25g carbs, 25g protein, 5g fiber
Healthy  •  30 Min Dinner  •  Grillable  •  Dairy-Free (Friendly)  •  Easy  •  Gluten-Free (Friendly)

Thanks to the Sioux Chef, Sean Sherman, this is Homegrown Foods’ first meal kit featuring wild native plants! A pesto of wild greens tops locally-grown grilled corn and sunflower-crusted lake trout.


Sunflower Seeds
Lake Trout
Corn on the Cob

Wild Greens Pesto
Combination of wild greens, such as sorrel, dandelion, purslane, lamb’s quarters, wild mint and mustard
Wild Onion
Sunflower Seeds
Maple Sugar