• This is a simple Mexican dish of shredded chicken in a tomato-chipotle sauce. It is easy to put together, and like any good stew, tastes better the longer the flavors meld so you can make it ahead or let it simmer in the slow-cooker all day.
    45 min

  • The only thing better than steak or pizza, is steak pizza. Crispy pizza crust is topped with seared ribeye steak, Rochdale mozzarella cheese, fresh tomato, organic asparagus and speckled with Cambozola blue cheese.
    30 min

  • Too often, salmon sandwiches are a patty of ground up bits instead of a nice piece of fish nestled with some greens and a toasty bun. In this sandwich recipe, the salmon is glazed with miso after searing on the stove and is topped with a wasabi mayo. The side salad of red peppers, orange carrots, yellow leeks, green snap peas and whole almonds.
    30 min

  • Now that summer is here, we gotta get our fix of tomato and mozzarella combos. Sun-dried tomatoes, grape tomatoes, basil, and pine nuts are tossed in cooked pasta with little ball-shaped mozzarella cheese, and topped with grated Parmesan. This is a really easy dish, that is great for summer picnics.
    20 min

  • There is something about this pizza that I just grow crazy over. I think it’s the juxtaposition of rich flavors like truffle oil and blue cheese with light, crunchy pea shoots. We’ll give you extra camembert-style creamy blue cheese, because it’s impossible to stop snacking on.
    30 min

  • Rösti (pronounced rheursh-ti) is a large potato pancake that is made famous by the Swiss. Think of it as a hash brown on steroids (or your best gluten-free friend), creamy soft potatoes on the inside with a crispy thick crust on the outside. While it can be served many ways, we like ours topped with some fluffy poached eggs and fresh, bright vegetables.
    45 min, plus chill