• One of best ways to get dinner on the table quickly, with a load of vegetables, is the classic stir fry. This almond chicken stir fry uses fresh seasonal baby bok choy, snap peas, carrots and a delicious Chinese brown sauce to bind it all together.
    40 min

  • In honor of St. Patrick's Day, these Reubens come with corned beef from our favorite local rancher, and perfectly pickled cabbage and a homemade Russian dressing that pulls the rest together quickly.
    30 min, plus slow cook

  • We like nerding out with Irish dishes in honor of St. Patty’s Day. Here, beautiful seared salmon is served alongside a classic Irish side of fluffy potatoes mashed with kale, green onions, and plenty of butter.
    45 min

  • My love affair with mushroom soup started with Campbell’s, as a child. And when you’re the type of person who orders the mushroom soup every time it is on a menu, you end up with really high standards. This recipe is result of years of mushroom soup critiques and models after the best of the best — rich, complex, earthy, comforting.
    40 min

  • Forgot that beef — this glorified grilled cheese has all the flavors you're looking for this St. Pat's Day, with the bonus of an extra helping of vegetables. Gruyère cheese, our scratch-made Russian dressing, pickled cabbage, pumpernickle bread, and an easy carrot salad on the side.
    30 min

  • I grew up eating Sarma, a meat and rice filled sour cabbage roll (though I didn’t acquire the taste for the sour cabbage until I was an adult). This vegetarian version is so good — and so different — that you won’t miss the meat. In fact, my husband who loves to say “You know what would make this better?…Meat.”—He fully approves of this recipe.
    45 min, plus slow cook