• Whether you are gathering for the holidays or this is an everyday meal, a beautifully roasted chicken is a wonderful dinner. This is Thomas Bouchon's simple preparation, where the main instruction is to truss, salt, then leave the chicken alone. Accompanied with mashed potato's cousin, parsnip purée, and a spinach salad with Dijon vinaigrette.
    1 hour

  • For those of us who love "A Christmas Story," a Chinese dinner during the holidays seems like a perfect idea. Probably because with all the chaos of the holidays, nothing is more comforting than taking the night off from trying to make everything perfect. Besides being organic and all-natural, this preparation is faster than getting take-out.
    30 min

  • Sole Meunière is a classic French dish, typically presented with pommes château (house potatoes). Don't let this fancy name fool you. This is a rustic dish: a simple preparation of fish, potatoes and endive salad that will be pleasing for everyone at the table, including the cook and kitchen clean-up crew.
    30 min

  • From the Jerusalem cookbook, Red Pepper and Egg Galettes are surprisingly easy to pull together and bring a wow factor to the dinner table. If you are lucky enough to have any leftover after dinner, they make a marvelous breakfast as well!
    45 min

  • This classic spicy Sichuan tofu dish comes complete with all the proper marinades and sauces for a meal of complex flavors, with very little work. Braised Chinese broccoli (gai lan) and jasmine rice is served on the side.
    30 min

  • French onion soup never ceases to amaze — it’s so simple, but that first bite just melts your heart every time. Slow and low is the key to the caramelized onion soup base, simmered with thyme and butter and topped with toasted baquette and Gruyère cheese.
    20 min, plus slow cook