• Indian Butter Chicken is a staple on many restaurant menus, thanks to the oh-so-tender chicken and the decadant, mildly spiced sauce it stews in. Our version comes with a side of basmati rice, and an extra packet of spices for any veggie side.
    45 min

  • Some dishes are an old familiar, like a song you loved as a teenager. Such is beef barley soup, a classic mix of soup vegetables, with homemade beef stock, tender chunks of meat and soft barley — it's like a loving hug.
    1 hour

  • We are so excited to offer this meal, it is really good. Crunchtastic hunks of halibut with a finger-licking good tarter sauce, and a brussel sprout side dish that is completely lovable (even Brussel sprout haters).
    30 min

  • Fresh poblano peppers are stuffed with cheddar and Monterey Jack cheeses, sprinkled with fresh salsa, then covered in thickened whipped eggs and bake up to a soufflé-like casserole. This is an easy meal that can be assembled ahead.
    1 hour 30 min

  • When it's mushroom season (and we are now in mushroom season), we want to get as many of them as we can. This rich soup is filled with beauties procured by Forest Mushrooms in St. Joseph, MN: chanterelles, oyster, shiitake, etc.
    45 min, plus soak

  • Some dinners were just made to be loved. This meal is a Top 10 hit — perfect for weeknight dinners, summer potlucks, and kids parties alike. These super cute corn muffin hot dog bites are just awesome. A quick sauté of garlic green beans make it a super-fast dinner, too.
    30 min