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Aleks Till with her kids Eli, Ike, and Greta
Welcome to the blog for Homegrown Foods, a business from mom and lifelong cook Aleks Till. Being inspired and cooking from scratch is our way of life. How else would we know all the best recipes for our menu and find the best ingredients for your grocery delivery. Enjoy!

Poached Eggs

The Golden Egg

I’ve got a new obsession, and it is perfecting the soft-cooked egg. Recipes that are accompanied with pictures of bright sunny yolks beckon me… All varieties of dishes, topped off with soft-cooked eggs. You’ve got your noodle bowls, breakfasts, tagines, etc. They require a knack for timing. Too little time, and you have undercooked eggs […]


It’s Not Beans To Me: Canning the Canned Bean

Oh, you little beans…tiny little buds. So good, yet so disdained. Here is one thing I know about beans: most people use canned. In fact, I daresay most people think it’s a complete and utter waste of time to cook dried beans. As I softly boiled turtle beans for Blackened Corn Quesadillas (I needed the […]


A New Grocery Delivery for the Twin Cities

I bring you Homegrown Foods, a novel meal planning and grocery delivery service in the Twin Cities where foodie meets kid-friendly. This business is an effort to make cooking incredible meals fun and easy. To take the stress off of our collective plates, and bring some inspiration and fun to preparing dinner. As a mom […]


Homegrown Foods … Coming soon!

Here at Homegrown Foods, we are working intently … getting all the details sorted out to ensure the best customer experience possible before launching. Double-checking recipes (finding some new ones, too), ordering supplies, and writing some crazy code so the website is all that and more. We hope to be able to take orders Spring […]