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Make an incredible chili without needing a 10-gallon hat, with complexity from several varieties of beans, mixed peppers, and a solid blend of spices.

One order makes 3 pounds, or six 8-ounce servings.

Beef + Pork

MidNord Empanadas

Special treat! We have experienced the glory of feeding a crowd with take-and-bake MidNord Empanadas and, trust me, it’s awesome.

Six empanadas per order, plus chipotle salsa.

Chimichurri Chicken
Buffalo Chicken
Cuban Pork
Mac Attack


Stuff a dollar bun with poppy-seed compound butter, cheese, meat, wrap in foil and bake. Product = gooey heaven.

One order makes 8 slider-sized sandwiches. Specify bread via email.

Vegan Ham

Chicken Wings Two Ways with Crudités and Blue Cheese

A true buffalo sauce and a sweet ginger-soy glaze divide and conquer the wings, with veggies and a blue cheese dipping sauce.

Two pounds of wings, blue cheese and 16oz veggies.

$20.00Add to cart

MN Meats Pizza

Our amazing from-scratch pizza dough topped with housemade pizza sauce, and a smattering of toppings from local purveyors.

Makes two large pizzas.

Meat Pizza
Vegan Meat Pizza

To double or triple quantities, change quantity to "2" or "3" on cart page. Free delivery for orders $60 and more. Can be combined with meals from Menu 05 (hint: Nachos!) to meet minimum — just email or call to set up order. Delivery on Wednesday, February 1.